Sarah Dayan

I'm Sarah, a lettering artist from Paris, France.

My passion for lettering has led me to specializing in custom type logo design. My background in drawing and my obsession for detail are powerful assets that, combined with many years of intensive practice in typography, make me a seasoned professional in my area of expertise.

I write about hand lettering and creativity every Sunday on my blog. You can keep tuned with my latest work by following me on Dribbble, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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The quest for excellence

The quest for excellence

First impression is crucial. People do judge books by their cover, and neglecting it is a mistake that's very difficult to make up for. I believe that the quality of your image should match the value of what you're selling, whatever the size of your company or your field of activity. By fighting the preconceived belief that the container doesn't count as much as the content, I help my clients reinforce their credibility, set new standards and reach a more exigent clientele.

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