An Interview With Paul Von Excite

An Interview With Paul Von Excite

It’s difficult to discuss about hand lettering without mentioning Paul Von Excite. This young custom type logo designer is one of the best examples of an incredibly fast progression in a short amount of time, which now results in him being an artist that cannot be ignored in his field.

Paul Von Excite: “I did all kinds of things until lettering came on my path. Not really have a honest explanation why I decided to focus on letter-based logotypes but after seeing the work of Eddie Lobanovskiy and Seanwes I fell in love with it and never stopped loving it.”

It looks like your skills improved incredibly fast, and therefore your exposure. How did this happen?

Paul Von Excite's Unify logo, in 2013P.V.E.: "This was at the very beginning of this all. After finishing the Unify logo I was working on a few logotype/lettering projects but still had some spare-time in between. Always wanted a shirt with my work on it, so I decided to give Cotton-Bureau a try… With no luck, my skills weren’t good enough. Not something you like hearing right?

Got some bad news. I think we’re going to pass on your design submissions. Being totally honest, I don’t think your lettering skills are quite there yet. I hope you understand. Keep working at it, and don’t let this deter you from sending us designs in the future.”

After all it was my best move and I even bookmarked this reply to get better and better. It went fast, really fast from that time on. Not really sure what the trigger was but I guess the way I show off my work on Dribble or Behance is something worth mentioning.

Getting featured by not only Adobe but also Talenthouse,, Wacom and Creative Market is pretty amazing, I guess it is just lucky me. I mean, there are many lettering artists around who I find better than me.

With the luxury of running 15+ projects at the same time, I am able to practice and evolve my skills within the projects."

Paul?s portfolio is very clean and pleasing to look at due to the consistency of his style and quality.
Paul’s portfolio is very clean and pleasing to look at due to the consistency of his style and quality.
Logo design process for Newstaed
Logo design process for Newstaed
Revision process for Pixarom
Revision process for Pixarom
Paul?s work, one year after starting lettering.
Paul’s work, one year after starting lettering.

You have a very cohesive artistic touch, which is very pleasant to the eye when we glance over your portfolio, and makes you special as a designer. How did you achieve such a consistent style?

P.V.E.: “Not really sure to be honest, I like to keep things clean and pleasant to the eye but I am always tempted to find new styles to work with, like really weird letterings for example.”

Your clients seem to be head over heels with you. What would be a dream client you’d like to work with?

P.V.E.: "I am the nicest guy around, what else is there to say? :) My enthusiasm and passion is what I hear most from my clients, I keep things simple for them and myself.

I am a big fan of Nike’s custom lettering work, Nike wake up! ;)”

What is the piece that you’re the most proud of?

P.V.E.: “Would rather like to name two lettering/logotype pieces here. First one would be Unify despite the fact that it was my first actual commissioned work, it also became the start of an amazing journey. Second would be my latest work, haha!”

A rework of the Unify logo, 2 years after.
A rework of the Unify logo, 2 years after.

And by another letterer?

P.V.E.: “That would be Mackey Saturday’s work on the new Instagram logotype. Not even the logotype itself inspired me most but the process he was showing really got my attention.”

Mackey Saturday working on the Instagram logo.
Mackey Saturday working on the Instagram logo.

Top 3 of the letterers to follow on Instagram?

Ken Barber on InstagramKen Barber

Colin Tierney on InstagramColin Tierney

Bob Ewing on InstagramBob Ewing

Any plans? What can we expect from you in the future?

P.V.E.: "Increasing my follower base and expanding my area of expertise within type based lettering or logotypes.

I am currently seeking the right equipment to make videos, in addition to blog posts about finding the right inspiration, the methods I use, etc…"

Paul?s office, as clean as his portfolio!
Paul’s office, as clean as his portfolio!

Many people are just starting out with lettering. What’s the best piece of advice you’d like to give them?

P.V.E.: "Hard to say… the right attitude and vision?! Ask for honest feedback from friends, other creatives and even experts. It’s a long learning process which I have started not long ago too and still learning everyday!

Look at other lettering artists’ work and try to understand what makes these examples stand out."

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