How to Fix your Lettering 10x Faster

How to Fix your Lettering 10x Faster

Sketching is hands-down the most crucial part of your lettering process. Yet, when it’s time to iterate, it can quickly become a pain. This concept you’ve just drawn looks really good, but the baseline isn’t straight. Or this letter is just a tiny bit taller than the others. Or it looks really good, but the kerning is totally off.

Sure, you could spend another two hours taking out some tracing paper, set it over your initial drawing, and iterate. You could take the risk of entirely ruining your drawing by fixing mistakes directly on it. Or you could be a lot smarter.

I believe sketching should be fun. It should only be getting all these ideas out there (aka the messy phase) or refining until perfect (aka the OCD phase). This is what you should spend time on. All the fixing things up, stitching parts together and exhausting yourself over improper kerning should not be a part of it.

In this tutorial, I will teach you how I save a ton of time by removing the unfun part entirely from my sketching process, and taking it directly to the computer, where I have the right tools to do it right and fast.

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