The Tracing Letters Worksheets

The Tracing Letters Worksheets

Back to basics! Over the years, I've noticed that most problems people have when they're just starting out are bound to a misunderstanding of basic structure of letters. Yes, lettering is about drawing, not writing. Yet, if you want to know how to draw them properly, it's important you have deep knowledge of what letters are supposed to look like, how they're built and in what order.

The latter is particularly important. There's a particular direction for each stroke of a letter, on which rely many other aspects such as pen pressure (brush lettering) or thicks and thins placement (blackletter, serif, etc.)

Of course it doesn't mean those directions have to be respected at all times, but it's important to know them so you can understand all the things that depend on it. If you get a good grasp at how to build letters properly, it will dramatically improve your lettering compositions and you'll be able to confidently take a lot more liberties.

This is why I've designed The Tracing Letters Worksheets, an entire set of printables for you to practice on! It's based-off my own handwriting, and will provide guidance for stroke directions on capital and lowercase for each letter. The three first lines give you a pattern to follow, then the fourth one allows you to do it freehand, with no training wheels.

The Tracing Letters Worksheets
The Tracing Letters Worksheets

You can download and print this 28 pages long exclusive guide and start practicing today! If you're just starting out, I strongly encourage you to practice every day (one letter a day is a great start).

Please remember that my handwriting is a personal thing. It's not a reflection of what letters should absolutely look like, but you can trust it if you need guidance. Feel free to develop your own variations as you feel more and more confident.

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