Frequently Asked Questions

Maybe there’s a specific question that you’d like to ask me?
While I encourage you to directly reach out to me, you can save time and check if you can find your answer here first.

Are you interested in sponsors / becoming an affiliate partner and put our ads on your website?

No. I like to be in full control of my platform and keep it 100% ad-free, which is why I'll systematically refuse every sponsoring or affiliate marketing proposition.

Can I invest in your business?

No, for the same reasons why I don't do sponsors. I appreciate the offer but I prefer running the place on my own.

I'm an artist too. Can we collaborate on a project?

If I'm available, why not :) Send me an email through my contact form, don't forget to add a link to your portfolio and I'll tell you if I want to do it.

Can I interview you?

Sure! If you're okay to do it by email or via Skype, just reach out through my contact form and we'll talk about it. If you have to do it in person, you'll need to be able to come down to my place.

I host a creative event / conference. Would you agree to give a talk there?

Yes. Please send me the details through my contact form and we'll talk about it.

I'm a student and I'd like to use use your work for an assignment. Is that possible?

Yes, but don't forget to credit me and give at least a link to my website.

And can I copy your work for practice?

Yes, you can. However, don't publish it anywhere, even with credits (it includes your personal Facebook or Instagram). You can definitely reproduce my work to practice but keep it to yourself.

I'd like to read your blog but I don't speak English. Can you translate it in other languages?

Unfortunately no. I chose English because it's the most widely spoken language in the world, so it allows me to reach the largest possible audience. I do my best to provide the best possible value on my blog, however, I can't take the time to translate every post in one or more languages.

I'd like to learn lettering. Do you take students / interns?

I don't (yet), however I teach every week on my blog. I post consistent articles, tutorials and videos for free every Sunday, you can subscribe to my newsletter to be notified directly in your inbox. In addition to that, being a newsletter subscriber will automatically grant you access to exclusive videos from my lettering master class once it's ready.

We're an art school. Would you give a lettering class to our students?

Yes. Please send me the details through my contact form and we'll talk about it.

I'd like to buy one of your artworks. Do you sell prints?

Not yet, but you can reach out to me through my contact form with the reference of the piece you'd like, and we can talk about printing one for you.