Bells is a personal project. I wanted to create a logotype for a fictional baseball team. It was an occasion for me to experiment with a more elaborate digital treatment.

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I've always been highly influenced by American pop culture of the 90's. With this piece, I wanted to try and reproduce the kind of letterings you find on vintage baseball caps. Elastic type, bold colors, large strokes, heavy effects... These are the features that make a great embroidered patch a character from your favorite sitcom would sew on his backpack.

I spaced the letters a bit more than usual so I could apply effects without having them overlapping. I drew the "B" with one continuous stroke to reinforce the traditional look of a hand-drawn sign. The stroke underlining the word is a classic feature of this particular style. It makes the lettering more dynamic, which make it fit the athletic background it belongs to.


Digital treatment

I created several layers to create a 3-dimensional effect. Besides the lettering itself, there are:

  • a solid dark red inner shadow which creates a 3D effect on the lettering
  • a solid light grey outer shadow which reinforces the 3D effect
  • a large white stroke
  • a larger black stroke
  • a 3D effect on the black stroke

I took the time to redraw the outlines instead of relying on Illustrator's stroke effect. This allowed me to fine tune them and get a much smoother and crisper effect.


Final concept

The result is an eye-catching, flashy and dynamic piece. It has all the characteristics of an sports team's logotype. Noticeable from afar, this is a mark any college athlete would be proud to wear on his varsity jacket.