Practice Lettering

Practice Lettering

Practice Lettering is my upcoming lettering vlog. Every episode tackles a different aspect of lettering and brings the very gist of it.

I needed a logo for multiple usages, including the intro of the show, the YouTube cover, and potential future merch.

  • Practice Lettering
  • Practice Lettering


The audience is people who are just starting out with lettering and want to learn fast and right, as well as intermediate/advanced letterers who want to consolidate their existing knowledge without wasting their time.

The logo had to be:

  • High-quality. My audience expects to become great at lettering, the logo had to reflect a level of proficiency that both reassures and inspires them.
  • Style-agnostic. My audience don't expect to learn one specific style, nor my specific style: most of them want to start lettering the right way and improve from there. The logo had to be representative of the art of lettering as a whole, not one specific style.
  • Playful, spontaneous and dynamic. The tone of the show is highly energetic, fast-paced, no b.s. and friendly. My goal is to give my audience the highest amount of value in a short format, because I want them to spend less time watching tutorials and do more lettering. I needed the logo to reflect it all.

Practice Lettering

Lettering style

The logo needed to use lettering styles that were recognizable, relatable, and timeless. I decided to use cursive for "lettering", because it's one of the most recognizable styles and it represents the art of lettering best. I paired it with sans-serif capital, which works extremely well with cursive.

I used my own handwriting to define the look of the logo. Handwriting is spontaneous and personable, just like the mood I want for the show; it makes it about people first. The little imperfections make it relatable: it was important to me to create something that's high-quality but remains accessible. Something too intricate or too polished wouldn't have reflected the goal of the show: Practice Lettering is about teaching people who are starting out, not discouraging them or making them feel self-conscious about their skills.

The logo is a much refined version of my actual handwriting, but I used it as a base. I then decided to do it monoline to keep it simple. It was also a way to keep a cohesive look with my own logo, which is monoline as well.

Practice Lettering


The logo is composed of two words, "lettering" being the most important one. I had to make it more visible, but find a way to include "practice" in a way that's visible, makes the reading direction obvious, and make both words fit as a whole.

I decided to use the letter "L" from "lettering" as the spine of the logo. It's deliberately much taller than the rest of the word so I could fit "practice" on top of it.

  • Practice Lettering
  • Practice Lettering


The word "practice" is sans-serif, but some of the lines go a little further than they should (on the "P", the "R", the "A"). This is a direct result of using my handwriting as a reference, and it makes the logo feel more spontaneous. The same kind of details can be found on the "E", "I" and "G" of "lettering" for a more cohesive look.

The letter "L" underlines the whole logo, which helps creating some sort of frame around it (with the body of the "L" as a spine and the word "practice" on top. It makes the two words work better together and the whole thing look like one cohesive logo.

The dot on the "I" isn't really a dot, because someone who writes spontaneously rarely ever draws a dot, it's usually a scribble of some sort. It gives character and add to the playfulness of the logo.

Practice Lettering

Final concept

The result is a simple, timeless lettering piece that won't go out of fashion, therefore won't need to be redesigned every year. It's also perfectly suited for animation and merchandising, such as stickers and whatnot.

The logo is crisp and clean, it looks good without being too impressive. It creates a feeling of energy and friendliness that perfectly sets the tone for the show.