Yellow Brick Road

Yellow Brick Road

Yellow Brick Road is a personal project, inspired from a song by Angus & Julia Stone.

Dream is an essential factor to me when it comes to creating art. Therefore, I often listen to music as I draw, as a way to escape from reality. Angus & Julia Stone are among my favourite musicians, and I’ve listened to their title “Yellow Brick Road“ more than I can count. I’ve been willing to make a lettering piece inspired from it for a long time.

Yellow Brick Road - Final concept


This drawing isn’t my first attempt. Back in 2014, I created another lettering piece after it, but it didn’t really reflected how this song makes me feel. As my lettering skills developed, I decided to make another one.

It took me quite some iterations to achieve the final drawing. I knew I wanted to make it a script lettering with flourishes, but I didn’t have a clear concept in mind. I sketched a lot in my notebook before I even started a concept to scale.

Yellow Brick Road - Sketches


After a few weeks, I finally tackled the final concept. It took me a few iterations to make a clean sketch of it. I first wanted to create a double loop with the two “L“ at the top of the drawing, but I realized it ruined the balance of the overall piece. In the end, I decided to simplify the flourishing to avoid making the piece too heavy.

Yellow Brick Road - Close up

Placing the “Brick Road“ was a real challenge. I wanted to make the “Yellow“ part stand out, but it didn’t leave a lot of options for the rest of the sentence. I first thought about simply making it go across the drawing, over the flourishes, but it felt like a very average fallback. I took a break from the drawing to recharge and allow myself to get new ideas.

I finally decided to use the bottom swash as structuring line. It felt like a road, so I though it suited the piece well. I doubled the line and set the sentence in between, in capital serif lettering, to create a nice contrast with the sophisticated script style.


I broadcasted the inking part live on Periscope, as a way to share my process and reply questions from the community.

Yellow Brick Road - Final concept