How many times have you experienced doubt in your creative career? How many times have you been thinking « Am I legitimate? Do I know enough? Will people think I'm an impostor? »

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When you're self-made, you fight with self-doubt all the time. The lack of traditional education makes you regularly wonder if you're even relevant. I know this resonates will all of you who come from close to nothing, who had to quit school early, who feel like they have to work twice as hard to reach their goals, because you know the temptation to quit is big.

Quitting is what I want you to avoid. I want you to fight.

I come from a modest background. I never wanted for anything and I had an amazing childhood, but I had to say no to multiple things. One of those was college.

There are so many reasons to quit when you’re starting from the bottom. When you have no money, no education, no natural talent. You see others for who everything seems to be handed on a plate and you feel like you'll never catch up. From this point, it's very easy to yield to the temptation of settling: settling for an average job, an average appartment, an average life. It's even easier to start tricking yourself into thinking it's finally not so bad.


Don't quit. Avoid it at all costs. Doubt is okay, it's what keeps you humble. Yet it's also what makes you give up and go for the safest option. You must fight this.

Your background shouldn't make you resigned, it should make you angry. I want you to be angry. I want you to be pissed at the world and willing to eat everyone else who doesn't have the guts you have.

I want you to roar when the world wants you to shut up.

Roar is a reminder of how proud you should be about the long way you've come. It's a reminder of how you must transform the fear, the doubts and the temptation to quit into rage. Being mad will get you pumped to go the extra mile and distance everyone.

Nobody has your strength because they don't have your story.


This is a beautiful 10" x 10" poster screen-printed on thick Colorplan Ebony paper.
It will look fantastic either on a frame behind protective glass, or on its own, pinned to your wall.

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